Friday, September 23, 2005

As good as it gets?

Jonah Goldberg brings us the depressing thought of the week for Conservatives, namely that right now is "as good as it gets."
In other words, my real fear is that this is as good as it gets. Conservatives may have to look forward to years of incremental victories, less-than-incremental setbacks, cronyism, hypocrisy, rent-seeking, and the sort of pragmatic compromise which inevitably grinds down intellectual joy and entrepreneurialism. This isn’t because Republicans are worse than Democrats (by any historical measure Democrats have been vastly more corrupt than Republicans — though Republicans are better at getting caught). It’s because that’s the nature of the beast.

Running things is better than the alternative, but some days that just doesn’t feel like it’s good enough.
He makes an interesting case for why the Republicans are in the midst of governing for a generation. I think the Republicans are far more likely to develop a schism than the Democrats, though, which could end that electoral reign quickly.

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