Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On sports metaphors, Title IX

Ann Althouse this morning discusses John Roberts' use of a baseball analogy in his opening statement. She didn't think much of it:
It says: I come from the world of men. My reference points are men's things. I will speak in a way that will make men feel welcome and at home, and women can come along if they've taken an interest in the same things.
The discussion in the comments over the appropriateness of the analogy did not interest me nearly as much as this thought did: "Does this mean Professor Althouse is not a supporter of Title IX?" I did a quick Yahoo search of "Title IX" and Althouse, and did not come up with any results from her blog in the first 50 results.

Title IX is built in part on the assumption that men and women have an equal interest in sports, and therefore should have an equal number of sports positions to try out for collegiately. If Ann is a supporter of Title IX, I am curious how she balances the above quote with that support. But given that quote, I find it hard to believe she does support Title IX, but call that my little assumption.

(Note, this started as a comment to her post, but turned into this post because it was way off the topic of the thread. I do not expect a resolution to my query. Call it stream of consciousness blogging.)

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