Thursday, September 15, 2005

Coffee has that affect on me, too, Mr. President

Reuters decided to run with a photo of a note President Bush was writing that indicated he had to go to the bathroom. It's funny, but a bizarre decision on Reuters' part. Yes, America, your President does do number ones and number twos. I bet that once in a while he even toots on Air Force One.

Hammer of Truth questions the note, as it changes from printing to hand writing after the question mark. The picture smells kind of funny to me as well, but it is very possible the President printed this informal note and went to cursive for the note being written at the moment of the snapshot. I am one who flips back and forth between printing and cursive a lot, so that is not definitive proof. One thing that does gnaw at me is how dark the writing is. A pencil is being used, and it looks as dark as a ball point pen. But that is not definitive proof of anything, either.

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