Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Media coverage of Katrina and the blogosphere

As mainstream media outlets (see LA Times & NOLA.com) start letting us know that their coverage of Katrina was less than stellar (and factual), there are a lot of bloggers who are kicking themselves (this one included) for buying into the sensationalism. I know many established media outlets resent the blogs nipping at their heels, but I hope they realize that it is coverage like this that leads to it. If and when there is a next time, bloggers are not going to be willing to trust media reports from the scene if those reports seem excessive. Skepticism has set in further. It is true that many of us rely on msm reports to do a healthy portion of our blogging. It is also true that we hate receiving bad information. The MSM can now expect to be held to an even higher standard by a burned blogosphere.

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