Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday morning sights

This morning I had to go to a car show to visit with someone. This show had a huge exhibit area, and since I did not know where the person I was meeting was located, I had to walk the whole thing. Here are some of the things I saw.

-A guy selling cans of what he called "Fish Assholes". I have no idea what was really in the cans.
-Another guy was selling "real Cuban Cigars!" Hand rolled, even. The price for these exquisite and illegal treats? $4. Or 3 for $10.
-A guy who literally had 3 teeth.
-A true country cowgirl. She even had the chewing tobacco in her back pocket. Not everyday that you see that.
-More rusted out crap than a Ford junkyard.

Here's what I didn't see. The guy I was supposed to meet with. Couldn't be found. I walked through Sanford & Sons for 2 hours for nothing.

(note: I pondered taking pictures of the above. I decided I may not make it out alive if I did.)

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