Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Right Wing News today registers concern over this Czech plan which built a bridge over a street so squirrels could cross the street safely. His concern is that this silly plan would catch on over here. My concern is this:
Squirrels are a protected species in the Czech Republic.
What? Protected species? Did the old communist regime round up the little beasts and ship them off to Siberia? If the Czechs are that short of squirrels, I can round about 20 of the little bastages up in short time and send them to them. Squirrels around here are getting terribly aggressive. I saw three of the little thug rodents beat up on a cat on Sunday, and there is one that likes to stand on its hind legs as I drive towards it, daring me not to stop.

Making squirrels a protected species is my concern for here in the states. Because while I may defy that squirrel's dare, the day he double dog dares me...

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