Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 22nd: Much ado about nothing

Bernard Lewis set off a lot of discussion about an Iranian surprise on August 22nd with this piece in the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal. Frankly, I don't think Iran is capable of a devestating "surprise" on this coming August 22nd. What consists of their air force would be lucky to get out of Iranian air space. They do not have their own nuclear technology yet. Logic just says that they do not have the ability to do much on that day except to defy the UN Security Council.

Just they same, I am a big proponent of never underestimating an enemy. With North Korea possibly preparing a nuclear test, it is somewhat concerning that they may have passed a completed but untested nuclear weapon to Iran. On August 21st here in the U.S. and into the 22nd, it will pay to be on guard, but just the same, don't get too worked up about what will probably be little more than Iran thumbing its nose at the world.

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