Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nuclear powered dream

I have to stop blogging before bed.

I'm not much of a dreamer when I sleep, and it is very infrequent that I can remember any dreams that I've had the next morning. Even less frequently than that do I have bad dreams. Last night was the exception to all of that. In my dream, it was about four in the morning, and something was happening, although I wasn't able to really grasp the specifics. I do know that we were awake and in our living room, watching live, breaking news and gathering up supplies. Then, coming from the front of our house (the east), came a flash, followed by a brightening horizon and a slowly rising mushroom cloud. Now there were more people in the house, and I quickly ushered they and my wife into the basement. I came back up to monitor the situation and take some pictures. As I got back to the living room a strong wind blew through town and caused some minor damage. I then went out front to photograph the still rising mushroom cloud when the sun began to rise in the northeastern sky, out of place and ahead of schedule. Bizarre stuff.

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