Thursday, August 10, 2006

Israel as Czechoslovakia

I've been seeing the similarities between the 1930's and the present day, but this is one that hadn't even dawned on me, oddly enough. From the Spectator, via Power Line.

For Netanyahu, Israel is a latter-day Czechoslovakia, which deluded and desperately anti-war European powers, led by Neville Chamberlain, sacrificed to the Nazis in 1938 because of the German-speaking minority in Sudetenland, whom he compares with today’s Palestinians. ‘And, yes, there was apologetics and, yes, there was appeasement and, yes, there was pressure on a small resistant democracy in the face of this German onslaught. It was called Czechoslovakia at the time. And, yes, there were articles in the British press condemning Czechoslovakia for inciting a German response because of the denial of the rights of the Sudeten Germans. Do you want to go on with this?’

Benjamin Netanyahu makes another excellent point in the excerpted piece at Power Line. A lot of people are viewing Iran through the lense of the old Soviet days. That is a mistake because the Soviets always put their survival and well being first. In Iran, that may not be the case if the Islamic government actually believes it can bring back the hidden Imam.

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