Friday, August 18, 2006

Willy's Wonka in the Chocolate

This is gross.

It might sound like a chocoholic's dream, but stepping into a vat of viscous chocolate became a two-hour nightmare for a 21-year-old man Friday morning.

Darmin Garcia, an employee of a company that supplies chocolate ingredients, said he was pushing the chocolate down into the vat at Debelis Corp. because it was stuck. But it became loose and he slid into the hopper.

I really, really hope that that they scrapped that vat of chocolate.

In a side note, this happened in Kenosha. What is with this corner of the state this week? Earlier in the week there was another bizarre accident in that area when a guy was pulled through a wood chipper.

Mmmm. Now you can really picture the scene.

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