Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sucking it up in the Wisconsin AG race

I was unable to listen to the J.B. Van Hollen v. Paul Bucher grudge match on Charlie Sykes' show today, but I've certainly read a lot about it. Since I couldn't catch the debate, I am going to refrain from analysis of it until I've had a chance to download the podcasts of it at Sykes Writes. Except for one point. But first, let's take a peek at an excerpt of the AP's report on the debate.

That great sucking sound you hear ... just might be coming from the race for Wisconsin attorney general.

A radio debate Tuesday between two Republicans running for the office plunged into personal attacks, with J.B. Van Hollen, a former federal prosecutor, telling his opponent during a break that "you suck ... because you only listen to people who agree with you."

Paul Bucher, a Waukesha County district attorney, shot back on the air: "I don't suck!"

Congratulations, boys. You've managed to embarrass yourselves and the state at the national level. If the two of them keep this up, neither one is going to be able to win in November. If Van Hollen wants to claim the high road, he'd better reign it in and actually take it. As for Bucher, aggressiveness is a fine trait for an AG and a politician. But if that aggressiveness looks like aggression to the average voter, then it becomes a liability, and he is certainly flirting with that liability.

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