Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More angry, ominous Condi

I recently commented on the media trend of using dark, scary Condi photos. Here's another example, and the article even seems sympathetic towards her.

As an aside to that point, I also read the article and came away with this impression. As Secretary of State, Rice is taking a very 'micro' view of the Israel-Hezbollah fight in Lebanon. In that micro view, tunnel vision is leading her to the position that ending the conflict at all costs is the goal. My sense from the article is that Bush is taking the 'macro' view that he and his administration are grasping the bigger power play going on in the Middle East right. The article neither says nor implies it, but I will come straight out and say it. Iran is making its play for power over the Middle East. The fight Israel is in right now is with a proxy of Iran, and it is critically important that Israel crush that proxy. Unfortunately, Israel is taking its sweet assed time in doing so.

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