Thursday, August 10, 2006

The power of Rove

This paranoid thought at the HuffPo got me thinking:

Everybody's talking about the report that Karl Rove's offered to help the Lieberman campaign. An offer like this, leaked by one of Joe's top aides, it raises the question: Has Rove been guiding the Lieberman campaign from the very beginning? That alleged "website hacking" could well be Rove's handiwork - and more clues abound.

Okay, here's what it has me thinking. Karl Rove clearly has a lot of talent for politics. Still, he and the Bush team have had more than their fair share of political missteps. What has made Rove lethal as a political advisor is the boogie man image that has been built up for him by paranoid leftists like this. He is literally an all knowing, all powerful evil deity to some of these people. Rove would be an asset to any campaign, but lefties have built him up to such mythic proportions that he becomes indispensable if only for the psychological affect he has on opponents.

Another HuffPo example of this. Is it possible to have thoughts like this and still maintain one's sanity?

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