Monday, August 14, 2006

McCain-Lieberman. Why?

Okay, the theory du jour in the blogosphere right now is a Republican McCain ticket in '08 that includes liberal/Democrat/Independent Joe Lieberman. Can somebody help me with this one? McCain is no friend of free speech, and he only flashes his conservative credentials when he needs something from conservatives. Lieberman is a supporter of President Bush's war plans. So what? There are a lot of conservative Republicans that support the President, too. I ask this of those who are enamored of this idea: Do you really want a liberal Democrat as the Vice President to a Republican President who would be quite old when he took office? Here's another question: Perhaps they could be electable, but is that what we want to be? Hand wringers over "electibility" like the Democrats have been? Look where it has gotten them. That's right, nowhere. Yet another question. Do you really think McCain-Lieberman ticket would accomplish any kind of consensus in Washington? It ain't going to happen. As long as the Democrats are in the minority, they would try to filet anyone in power who had an (R) next to his/her name, even if a Dem that only half of them like was on the ticket. I hate to say it, but everyone who is enamored of this ticket is dillusional.

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