Friday, September 01, 2006

The book meme

Chris tagged me with this. Usually I preface or end these memes by saying that I won't tag anyone else but if you want to do it, consider yourself tagged. This time is different, though-I'm tagging the lovely Mrs. Jib and will be posting her response here at Jiblog. Now, on to my responses.

1. A book that changed your life
A: Not to be hokey, but I'm going to say The Holy Bible. It didn't change my life in the born again, saved my life type of way you typically hear. It did change the trajectory of my life beginning when I was about six or so, though. And that's all I have to say about that.

2. A book that I've read more than once.
A: One More Time, The Best of Mike Royko. When I was a kid, I was apparently a good writer. I didn't think so and I didn't like to do it. I was an avid reader, though, and I always anxiously awaited the latest Royko column to appear in my local newspaper. Sometimes I'd laugh, sometimes I'd get angry, but no matter what, I was always hooked from the start to the finish of his columns. Royko helped instill a love of writing and influenced the writing styles of both myself and a close friend of mine from high school. Everyone once in a while I pick up this book and another composed of his old columns just to refresh and remember.

3. A book I'd take to a desert island.
A: My Life by Bill Clinton. I chose this book because I wouldn't feel bad when that day came that I had to start ripping pages out to use as toilet paper and kindling.

4. A book that made me laugh.
A: The entire series of Uncle John's Bathroom Readers.

5. A book that made me cry.
A: I can't think of one. I can give you a few movies that have, but not any books.

6. A book I wish had been written.
A: The autobiography of Chief Buffalo. Chief Buffalo was a Chippewa leader in the 1800's. After President Taylor ordered the Chippewa removed from Wisconsin to Minnesota, Buffalo, in his 90's, traveled to Washington to convince new President Millard Fillmore to stay the removal order. Fillmore stayed Taylor's removal order. First, a man in his 90's who could make that journey in the 1850's and have enough left over to convince a President to stay a removal order is a man I have to respect. Secondly, while the records that I have of my lineage do not go back that far, it is said that all Ojibways are direct descendants of Chief Buffalo, and I'd enjoy reading my ancestor's autobiography.

7. A book that never should have been written.
A: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The lovely Mrs. Jib is a Kevin Bacon fan. She was given that book. We used to play the game a lot, usually right before bed. We usually played right before bed, and we'd frequently get stuck. We lost much sleep trying to make those damn connections.

8. A book that I am currently reading.
A: Reagan, In His Own Hand. The bargain books at the Madison area big box book retailers are a treasure trove of inexpensive Reagan literature.

9. A book that I am planning on reading.
A: There are two, as recommended to me by Chris. The Last Valley and Hell in a Very Small Place. They have been on my nightstand all year. I really want to read them, but they are going to require a time commitment. They are usually the type of thing that I knock off in airports and on planes, but I haven't traveled yet this year. Soon, though. Soon.

Corrected to show that Buffalo traveled to Washington, not Wisconsin, to convince Fillmore to stay the removal order.

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