Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the Wisconsin headlines

Everyday I scan through the websites of various Wisconsin news outlets. Last night when I did so, I found one of the sadder stories I've read and one of the grossest. The sad story is out of the Green Bay area. A man had a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, and the girlfriend called his dad to come and calm him. The man left before his father arrived, only to crash into his father's vehicle head on. The son has died, and the father's condition is unknown.

And in a story so gross that it is only a matter of time before it rolls out nationally, three men near Cassville saw the obituary picture of a 20 year old woman who had recently passed away in a motorcycle accident. The three then decided it would be a good idea to steal her corpse and have sex with it. Fortunately police had been alerted to a suspicious car at the cemetary, and the three were eventually caught. They had dug down to the concrete that encases the coffin. These three deserve a little time in a prison with very large men who haven't had any in a while

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