Saturday, September 02, 2006

On moving to WordPress

It ain't going to happen here anytime soon unless Google seriously screws up Blogger. I enjoy blogging, but right now I don't want the headache of moving. I've also discovered that I'm no fan of messing around with html code. When I started the BBA, I had to significantly over haul the template. It was a huge investment in time, and I'm just too damn lazy to to move to another service, hire someone to design a new template for me, and then have to worry about any code changes after that. Good luck to everyone moving to WordPress and various other places, though.

I'd like to make one note to Blogger, though. This is not an open invitation to use and abuse me. I have the resources and ability to tell Blogger to kiss off if my buttons get pushed too often, and I will do so.

Oh, and to anyone who gets snotty about their blog after they move and who looks down on those of us at Blogger, I'll say this as politely as I can: Screw off. Nothing is more obnoxious than a blogger who acts entitled to be snotty about their blog because of the service they use.

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