Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vile human beings

I just don't have the words for this story out of Milwaukee.
An 11-year old girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted by up to 15 boys in a north side home as a 16-year old girl told her which sex acts to perform and watched, according to complaints filed today in Milwaukee County Children's Court.

In addition, a 40-year-old relative of the older girl participated in the sex acts which took place in the older girl's home on Monday, records state.

Matt Torbenson, an assistant district attorney, said Milwaukee police were still looking for suspects and have executed a search warrant at the house where the incident occurred. He said they have recovered condoms and a video camera. The girl was able to identify about six possible suspects and DNA samples were being checked against semen and other evidence found on the girl, he said.

Today, the 16-year old girl was charged with party to the crime of four counts of 1st degree sexual assault and a 15-year old boy was charged with 2 counts of party to the crime of first degree sexual assault. The older relative, who had been visiting at the girl's home at the time, was expected to be charged in adult court.

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