Sunday, September 17, 2006

The widespread legality of necrophilia

Since a judge dropped sexual assault charges against the three freaks that tried to dig up the corpse of a recently deceased young woman, Wisconsin is coming under some deserved criticism for not having a law forbidding necrophilia. Wisconsin is not alone, however. According to KSTP in the Twin Cities, only 16 states do outlaw necrophilia. Wisconsin is just the unfortunate one of the 34 with a high profile case.

State Sen. Dale Schultz, Richland Center, is going to sponsor legislation to create a state law against necrophilia.

Only 16 states have laws against it right now.

Law enforcement says enacting legislation will allow law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to directly address the crime.

I hope Senator Schultz pushes a law through quickly. I cannot fathom why 34 states have never outlawed this. Perhaps it was a crime so horrific and rare that none of the 34 ever had reason to focus on it. This is one of those crimes that a state shouldn't have to be pressed to outlaw, though.

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