Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Confusing returns in the 37th Assembly District

See if this makes sense. TMJ4 is reporting the following numbers in the Republican Primary for the 37th Assembly District:

Greg Gasper, 1,611, 51%
Dennis Lund, 1,204, 38%
Joseph Hermanny, 360, 11%
Winner: Lund (!?)
100% in

WISN is reporting these numbers:

Dennis Lund, 1,060, 44%
Greg Gasper, 1,003, 42%
Joseph Hermanny, 312, 13%
Winner: Lund
100% in

One would have to consider those pretty unofficial numbers at this point, with TMJ4's looking rather messed up.

I did my own count on this race, using the numbers reported at the Dane County and Jefferson County websites. This is what I came up with:

Greg Gasper, 1611
Dennis Lund, 1204
Joseph Hermanny, 360
Winner: Gasper

Those numbers match up with TMJ4's. They seem to have just erred in the winner they checked off.

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