Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Greg Gasper for 37th Assembly seat

Today is primary day here in Wisconsin, and in the 37th Assembly District, I will be voting for Greg Gasper in the Republican primary. I've had the opportunity to exchange a couple of emails with Greg (but accidentally missed a meet and greet last week), but three things in this race really struck me. First and most importantly, a number of conservatives that I know and respect spoke very highly of him. In an primary for an Assembly seat, reliable information on the candidates can be tough to come by, and good word of mouth such as that passed along to me is priceless. Second, I am impressed by Greg's work ethic and how much he wants and values this seat. He has been pounding the sidewalks in the area, going door to door to talk with people. I missed him at least twice myself. And that leads into my third and least important point...the other two candidates were virtually invisible. That is a minor but important thing because it is reasonable to believe that a candidate that is invisible on the campaign trail will also be invisible as your representative. To my fellow residents of the 37th, I endorse Greg Gasper and encourage you to head out and vote for him today.

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