Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In favor of a mediocre UN

As the UN meets this week to pat itself on the back and pontificate, I have a confession to make. I now support the UN accomplishing glorious mediocrity in world affairs. I support the UN's medicority because I am terrified of a spectacular UN failure and meltdown. If that occured, after the dust of global conflict settled, I don't think the world would come to the conclusion that a body such as the UN is mostly impotent and useless. Instead, I think much of the world would believe that the UN didn't do enough, and in turn set up a new world body that takes away more rights, sovereignty, and self determination from nations and individuals. Global government is an odious and virulent idea that the world cannot seem to let go despite the failure of the League of Nations and the long slide of the UN. In the absence of a bumbling UN, I think the vacuum would be filled by a world body that could severely threaten this American experiment we've been living the past 200 plus years.

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