Saturday, September 16, 2006

Breasts raise a furor

Heh. I'm amused by the following exchange. First, Ann Althouse comments on the lefty bloggers who met with Clinton. In the comments to that post, the breasts of the blogger front and center, a Katherine Harris wannabe, apparently, become a topic of discussion, and that blogger, Feministing, comes to those same comments and gets on her feminist high horse. Ann then takes the blogger in question to task over her brand of feminism. I mean Althouse really exposes the woman as a hypocrite, also noting that her blog is heavy, if you will...for a woman complaining about others talking about her appearance. And Feministing, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, writes a whiny little post in rebuttal.

Here's what I take from the exchange. If more women were like Althouse, the feminist movement would still be respected in this country. Somewhere along the line the entire movement became somewhat absurd, and that absurdity is nicely showcased by Feministing. It's really too bad, too. Feminism could do much for women, particularly in third world countries where the lives of women are horrible. Instead, the movement obsesses about political power, sex, and body parts. It really has nothing to do with gender equality anymore.

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