Saturday, December 15, 2007

Don't overlook the little gifts

Just in my relatively short (nearly) 32 years, I've watched the culture of Christmas gift giving move towards bigger, better, and more expensive. I won't claim that I'm not a participant in that culture. There is a certain pleasure as a gift giver in wowing the person that you are giving a gift to. I've spent the last several days consumed with "stocking stuffers," though. Some of these gifts I'm giving as "stocking stuffers" would have been standard gifts themselves 15 years ago, and I must admit, they are much more fun to search for and buy than the big gifts. I also anticipate that they will be much more eagerly received because they are unexpected surprises. So my advice to you this Christmas is to not get overly absorbed with the big gifts because you can wow with the right small gifts, too. Thought still counts.

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