Thursday, December 06, 2007

RIAA suit takes new approach to copyright enforcement

(JNN) Signaling a new a new approach to its efforts to enforce copyrights, the RIAA today filed a $2.7 million lawsuit against 5 year Meghan Grabowski. According to the suit, the RIAA claims that Grabowski owes royalties for the 872 times that she's sung along to the album Crunchy Munchy Music by The Wiggles in her mother's minivan.

In the papers filed with the court, the RIAA asserts that by singing in a venue (the 2003 Ford Windstar owned by her mother Sarah) in front of two or more people (her mother, her brother, and her father), Grabowski was compelled to pay royalties on the music used in her performances.

John Allen, a representative for the RIAA, says that his organization is not trying to bully music consumers.

"Not in the least. We don't care if you sing a copyright protected song when you are by yourself. And we certainly don't care if you sing a song in your head, even though there is some legality issues there with multiple personality sufferers. We just want to make sure that everyone gets a payday. Except that thieving little snot."

When asked for comment, Sarah Grabowksi said that if she could sue her daughter for pain suffering, she do it herself.

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