Saturday, December 08, 2007

Squirrels are dumb

I had this same problem last year.

Squirrels are being blamed for lighting problems in Milwaukee’s Red Arrow Park.The city said they thought they would save money by using energy-efficient LED lights on its Christmas tree. But instead, they have to keep replacing the lights, making things more costly.Employees of the Department of Public Works said that squirrels are chewing the strings of the lights, causing them to short out.
The city has tried several things to stop the squirrels, but said they have had no luck.“The deer repellent didn’t work on squirrels,” said worker Dave McKeithan. “But I don’t think they make squirrel repellent. They’re too smart.”

No, they're dumb, and that's why they are confusing the pine cone-like plastic LED light housings for food. We bought our first strands of LEDs last year, and in the first two days they were up the squirrels went to town on them. This year we left them on for three straight days after first putting them up. It seems to have done the job (knock on wood).

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