Friday, December 14, 2007

My Greatest Post Ever

I'm all by myself here at home tonight. So, minus the company of my beautiful wife, how did I spend my evening? By firmly shoving my head into my own navel. Translation: I read my own archives for most of the evening. Over the years I've been blogging, I've had many posts that I've been proud of. I've had posts that have been recognized on the big blogs, and I've had posts that have been mentioned on TV and radio. But after sifting through my material, I think this innocuous post was (perhaps sadly) one of my best pieces of insight:

Almost every time you hear a story of a UFO sighting, there is some reference to the blinding speed at which the craft traveled. That begs one question: If UFOs move so fast, why do they never create a sonic boom? Physics, people, physics.

I've still never been given a satisfactory answer.

I must say, I was in rare form on December 17, 2005. Earlier that day I also offered what might have been my best piece of advice: If a cat is trying to bite you, shove your finger in its mouth. The cat's contrarian nature will take over and it will spit out your hand, rejecting the urge to bite you.

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