Monday, December 03, 2007

Just deserts

If you are going to steal a sex doll, then I guess the most fitting reward for your actions is to get caught...and publicized.

Calling it a "drunken, stupid thing," a DeForest man admitted to breaking into a town of Burke sex shop last month and stealing several blow-up sex dolls, among them a $270 model that talks.

Jose A. Sandoval, 26, led detectives to spots where he had stashed the dolls and other items he allegedly took from Naughty Novelties, 6011 Highway 51, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in Dane County Circuit Court.

Sandoval was charged with burglary for allegedly taking such things as sex dolls, thong underwear and lotion in the Nov. 10 break-in, according to the complaint.

Thong underwear? Does the doll really need it? Or did he want to look sexy for it?

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