Thursday, September 01, 2005

A day of observations

I've been on the road today, and I observed a number of things that I just wanted to comment on quickly. Feel free to comment.

*Here in Wisconsin, there is a fifty cent swing in gas prices over an area that takes 2 hours to drive. The prices I saw today ranged from $2.99 to $3.49.

*I spoke with a colleague of mine in Florida today. This guy is one of the most tenacious people that I know. He sounded sapped and defeated. He has had near misses with several huricanes in the past couple of years, and he had another near miss when Katrina changed course slightly on her way to Florida. It sounded like he was re-thinking his decision to live in Florida. He is also turning on President Bush. I'm left wondering how many people are just like him.

*As expensive as gas is, traffic seemed to be just as heavy as usual.

*Between conversations I've had and all of the radio I've listened to today, there is growing doubt about whether we should even rebuild New Orleans. Money says it can't not be rebuilt. But that's a later post.

*There is ample irrationality out there right now.

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