Sunday, February 26, 2006

The annals of Delilah Cat

Our cat Delilah is trying to become human. First off, she figured out how to open and close some of the doors in the house (round door knobs still elude her mastery). Last year she decided that the bed in guestroom was hers, so she only sleeps in two places now: next to me on my recliner while I blog or in the center of the guest bed. About three months ago she began to realize that humans don't sleep on top of the covers, so she began to sleep underneath a pillow. It was around that time that she felt she needed to have privacy when she slept and began closing the bedroon door behind her. Tonight she finally perfected human sleep. Despite the fact that the lovely Mrs. Jib makes a bed so tightly that a drill seargent would weep at the sight, the cat managed to get under the covers. She now sleeps in bed just like a human.

I patiently await the day she learns how to get a job and earn her own way around here.

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