Saturday, February 18, 2006

Time for a new thermometer

I decided to get a Powerball ticket this afternoon (sorry Kevin, but $3 is an acceptable cost for me to have an infinitesimal chance at $360 million). I walked outside and immediately my face began to sting from the cold. I looked at my thermometer, and this is what it read:
If it were 48 degrees out right now, I'd be sitting on my deck and blogging with shorts on. It ain't, though. In fact, this is what the bank down the street from me said:
That's fahrenheit, not celsius.

For those you not in the great white north who are wondering how cold four degrees is, do this. Open your refrigerator and grab a beer. Open the beer. Take a drink. Now put your head in your freezer for a half an hour. 4 degrees is colder than that.

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