Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why the port deal will fail

The port deal will fail. If the President vetoes anything, he will be overridden. My sense is that most of us who are okay with this deal still do not strongly favor it. The President cannot rely on his supporters on this to help him overcome the overwhelming opposition. While I don't think the transaction is much of a threat to our security, I still follow a better safe than sorry philosophy. I'll support the President on this deal, but if Congress successfully tosses it out, it is no skin off my nose. I'm sure that there is a logic to all of this, but even I'll admit that from a purely political standpoint, the President and his staff were incredibly tone deaf on this. The nation is skeptical of and nervous about anything from the Middle East that could jeopardize our security. This was bound to be incredibly unpopular unless they managed to slip it under the media's, bloggers', and public's noses. They didn't.

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