Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Iraq mosque bombing: Bigger than the port story

I've been watching the Iraq mosque bombing story all day but I haven't commented on it-shame on me. This story is much more important than the port story. "Civil war" is being tossed around a lot both in the media and blogs. While we need to be a wary of the possibility that this could spark civil war in Iraq, I think those making the assertions of it are stretching things a little bit...for the moment, anyway. This was an old, revered shrine and its bombing certainly is further degrading Shi'ite-Sunni relations, but to start screaming civil war is a little premature. A lot will depend on the Iraqi government. If Iraqis believe that their government makes a strong effort to punish those behind the bombing, I think this will pass. If the government's response is weak and vacillating, then this could be the beginning of an ugly downward spiral for Iraq. The more important story in the short term will be the Iraqi government's response and how all Iraqi's respond to it.

See? Civil war was over doing it.

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