Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The port deal

I have the best intentions of writing on the ports hubbab again today, but things have gotten just a wee bit too hysterical for my blood. Passions are just a little too high right now to do anything but join in the choir, and my position would leave me out of key, I'm afraid. Yes, the UAE has its problems, there is no denying that, but there isn't a country in the Middle East that doesn't. When you start lining up your friends in the Middle East, though, they have to be near the head of the line. They also stand to lose an awful lot if they were to screw this up. I don't think the UAE would risk bilions in investment and billions more in economic damage by trying to help terrorists. On top of that, Customs and the Coast Guard both play a big part in port security, and would continue to do so under this deal.

With events in the Middle East lately, from Iran's nuclear program to the riots, I understand why some people are inclined to oppose this, but the passion really does need to dialed back a bit. Emotion is over ruling logic for some, and we need a more clear headed conversation right now.

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