Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl ads

As I mentioned previously, I went to a Super Bowl party tonight. At the party, the ads were as big of a draw as the game was, and I think the general consensus was that the ads were a let down this year. The lame Burger King ad early on seem to set the tone for the entire night. There were only two times that the party laughed in unison. The first came during the Fed-Ex commercial where the newly fired caveman walked out of the cave-office and kicked a small dinosaur, only to be stepped on by a larger dinosaur. The other winner at this party was the Bud commercial where the sheep streaked at the clydesdale football game. Beyond that, there was a general disappointment with the quality of the ads this year. Yeah, there were ads that were cute, but there was little in the way of timeless ads that create a never ending return on investment for the companies that bought them.

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