Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back to the pre 9/11 stupidity of politics

Vice President Dick Cheney should publicly explain his shooting of a Texas lawyer in a hunting accident, top congressional Democrats said on Wednesday after a White House meeting that included Cheney.
Really, what is there to explain? The story seems pretty clear. Do Democrats think that the American people are so dense that they can't figure this story out without Cheney telling it to them himself? Not that I oppose this. I think Cheney actually comes across as likeable when people see him speak.

As if that weren't a dumb enough call by the Democrats, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have more.
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the top-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, emerged from a breakfast meeting with President George W. Bush and Cheney to say the vice president needed to come forward.

"I guess I'm kind of old-fashioned," Reid said. "He hasn't had a press conference in three and a half years."

Said Pelosi: "Open government demands that the vice president come clean with what happened ... There's probably a very simple answer to it, but we have to break this habit of the administration, of closed government without the openness that is healthy to a democracy."

They said they did not tell Cheney to his face that he should come forward and that the vice president said little during the breakfast.

The guy is Vice President. Vice Presidents only get face time with the media when Presidents are using them to push an agenda or to campaign. While Cheney is involved a little more in this administration than most V.P.s, their primary job is to sit down and shut up unless the President needs to utilize them or, God forbid, they are called on to serve as President.

And of course they didn't tell him that to his face. That would take conviction and a big pair of brass ones.

Cheney will talk with Brit Hume on FOX. I'm sure the Washington press corp will now be infuriated that Cheney chose Fox to talk with.

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