Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sasha Cohen beat herself

The lovely Mrs. Jib and I are watching the the Olympics tonight, and we were taken aback by the diference in Sasha Cohen's demeanor from Tuesday to today. As Mrs. Jib said, and I quote, "she looked like she had the world by the balls Tuesday and like she was having so much fun." Tonight she looked defeated before she even began.

Sometimes in sports, athletes develop mental blocks. Cohen seems to have a mental block about succeeding when she could be in the driver's seat. It is unfortunate, because she really is fun to watch when she is on like she was Tuesday night. Cohen's eyes are incredibly descriptive, and Tuesday night you could watch her eyes and tell that she was going to skate an incredible program. Tonight you could read her eyes before the program and tell that it just wasn't going to be her night.

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