Sunday, February 26, 2006

Do Clinton's opinion on Danish cartoons hint at his future plans?

At the Corner, Andrew Stuttaford scolds Bill Clinton for saying this in Pakistan:
I strongly disagreed with both the creation and the publication of cartoons that were considered blasphemous to devout Muslims around the world because they depicted the Prophet.
I agree with Stuttaford's opinion that Clinton is wrong, but I think he is taking too short a view on it. Stuttaford seems to treat Clinton's words as Clinton's beliefs. We all know that isn't the fact. Clinton uses his words to further whatever agenda he may have, regardless of his beliefs, and it has long been rumored that Clinton would like to become Secretary General of the United Nations. I view every Clinton trip abroad as a campaign visit. In my opinion, Bill Clinton is biding his time until he can get an opportunity to be Secretary General, and every time he goes abroad it is to ingratiate himself with the locals. Unlike Al Gore, who seems to have lost his mind and spews forth his anger when in foreign lands, Bill Clinton is schmoozing the populace in hopes of future benefit for himself.

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