Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bruce Willis criticizes Oprah

Bruce Willis has criticized Oprah Winfrey because, as he sees it, she "sucker punched" author James Frey when she had him on her show and grilled him for deceiving her and her viewers with the lies in his "nonfiction" book. Willis is dead wrong on this one. Oprah did the right thing in this case. I had to laugh at this Willis quote, though:
“Oprah, you had Bill Clinton on your show,” Bruce said. “Do you remember? Give this guy a break. His publisher put the memoir thing on there.”
It is funny to see one celebrity tar and feather another one with Bill Clinton.

Willis, apparently sensing that he had stepped over a line, also had this to say:
But Bruce also told us: “I admire Oprah Winfrey, she does a great job. I have great respect for what she does for people all over the world and I think her book club is so important.”
You can tell that, with that statement, he realized that he had just gone off on OPRAH. You don't piss off the Oprah. Expect to see Willis with his lips firmly attached to Oprah's behind for years to come.

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