Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blizzard of '06, or Thanks Col. Ollie!

If you've been anywhere near a news source this weekend, then you know that the Northeast is getting around 12 inches of snow this weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my former co-blogger Col. Ollie. You see, I believe he is the reason we haven't gotten a snow like this in Wisconsin this winter.

Early on in the winter, we received a number of solid snowfalls in our area. Ollie and I both are tried and true snow shovelers, but the regular snowfalls were wearing on us. Col. Ollie broke down and bought a snow blower, while Mrs. Jib and I started a snow blower fund. Well, since Ollie bought that snow blower, temperatures have been above normal and there has only been one snowfall of any significance, and our money is still in our pockets. So Col. Ollie, thanks for spending the money that insured we would not get a major snowfall here in Wisconsin this winter.

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