Sunday, February 26, 2006

HuffPo gets even more disturbing

What...the...f---?! This is the most disturbing post I've seen yet at the Huffington Post. Go look at it, read the child's bio, then come back here.

Read it yet? Okay, some thoughts then.

1. No third grader has the analytical skills to come up with that on their own. It requires a parent or a teacher to indoctrinate them.

2. Whatever parent or teacher took the time to indoctrinate a child with that kind of thought is disturbed in their own right. The kid is in 3rd grade for God's sake! Let him have a childhood. He'll have enough time worry about this kind of crap in his life, he doesn't need adults to push him a long. A 3rd graders biggest concern should be whether his favorite cartoon will be a repeat today.

3. What kind of sick puke is so disturbed as to put this up at one of the more visited blogs out there? Is the drawing of a third grader supposed make some sort of logical argument that eludes adults?

Wretched. Simply wretched.

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