Monday, September 05, 2005

Forbes: Oil bubble to pop

I've been of this opinion for a while. If you look at oil prices and what is causing them to rise, it has mostly been things that freak investors out, like bad political news here or there, not news of actual demand increases. This is what Steve Forbes had to say about it:

He said factors such as inflation and increased demand for oil from China and India accounted for only a small part of the price hike from $US25-30 a barrel three years ago.

"The rest of it is sheer bubble speculation," he said.

Mr Forbes, who was speaking at the opening of the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Sydney yesterday, said the higher the oil price rose, the harder it would eventually crash, creating more pain for hedge fund managers and their clients.

"I don't think it's going to go to $US100 but if it does the crash is going to be even more spectacular," he said.

"It will make the hi-tech bubble look like a picnic -- this thing is not going to last."

He predicted that oil would fall to $US30-35 a barrel within a year.

I concur.

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