Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pets and disasters

What would you do about your pets in the face of impending disasters? Hurricane Katrina is rife with stories of people refusing to leave their pets behind, or being severely grieved at having to do so. As for my household, someone (I won't say who) refuses to take shelter during tornado warnings until she has the cat. I do love the tempermental Delilah Cat, but when their is debris falling out of the sky and she refuses to get out from under the bed, my instinct for self preservation kicks into overdrive and I'm inclined to let her (the cat) figure out her own survival. The unnamed individual in my household doesn't seem to get as worried, though, and insists on saving the pet, which makes me extremely antsy. What about you? What is your threshold for making sure your pet is saved? Would you put your own life at risk as many have in the Gulf Coast?

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