Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mubarak bans independent poll monitors; Jimmy Carter welcomed

BSI (Cairo)-The Government of Hasni Mubarak today banned independent poll monitors from inspecting the upcoming September 7 elections in Egypt. Many fear that this move means that the Mubarak government will engage in rampent fraud at the polls to endure a Mubarek victory, but in a move to reassure the West, Mubarak has personally invited Nobel Peace Prize campaigner and winner Jimmy Carter to oversee the election process.

"We want to reassure the West that everything here in Egypt is on the up and up," said a government spokesperson. "The best way to do this is to invite Jimmy Carter to Egypt to certify the legitimacy of our elections."

Carter, through his Carter Foundation, has monitored such elections as the 1999 Cherokee Nation election and the 2004 Venezuela election, ensuring that the Democratic process is carried out in the will of the people.

(This post is satire. Carter has not been invited to oversee the Egyptian election. Yet.)

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