Friday, February 03, 2006

Boehner new House majority leader

I should comment on this, even though I avoided the whole thing in the lead up. John Boehner has been chosen as the new House of Representatives majority leader. In my opinion, this was almost a foregone conclusion. Roy Blunt was a good party man, but he had some baggage that was going to upset conservatives and the general public. Meanwhile, John Shadegg was just a bit too conservative for the tastes of many Republicans. It pays to remember that many career Republicans have little interest in conservative philosophy and all too much interest in getting re-elected. That made Boehner the middle road for them to take. That's not to say Boehner will not do a good job, as I'm sure he will. It's just that Blunt was a politically risky choice, and Shadegg stood to make life too uncomfortable for many non-conservative Republicans.

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