Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wisconsin Republican AG primary race

Owen takes a technical look at the money situation in the Bucher-Van Hollen race for the Republican nomination for Wisconsin Attorney General. It is a good examination, but it is fairly irrelevant at this point (no offense intended). How much each has raised or spent only really matters to us political junkies right now. Both candidates are close in funds raised, so what does matter, as long as all of the money is on the up and up, is what it accomplishes over the next 7 months or so. Reading into how they are or are not spending the money is very difficult this far in advance of the primary.

I will agree with Owen on this-it will take a wad of cash to defeat the Democrats' candidate. Van Hollen may be down on cash on hand, but we really don't know if what he has spent will give him a strong ground statewide game yet, and I don't think we will know for several months.

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