Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lunch time odds and ends

*Talk about your mixed feelings. Professor McAdams writes an excellent piece on bloggers and the media, and he lists Jiblog as a midlevel blog. That is a nice piece of positive feedback. At the same time, though, my traffic is anemic compared to that of others, and even when things were really rolling a couple of months ago, I still was only in the upper 100's.

*You've probably noticed that my focus has been more nationally focused than state focused of late. There are two reasons for this. One, I had gotten into a little bit of a writing funk, so I went back to my roots to iron that out. Two, I'm more concerned about some things that I see on the horizon nationally than I am about the state right now. I have not forgotten or ignored state issues, though. They'll be coming back.

*I'm still amazed at how the Wisconsin blogosphere has exploded in the last year. Most of those blogs, unlike many other states, have a main focus on state and local issues, which I applaud. Great job, everyone.

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