Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Ghost of Curly Lambeau

If John Kerry is truly a fan of the Boston Red Sox, he should have a healthy respect for dearly departed legends. Ghosts can be killers. Right now, Curly Lambeau is smiling. His team defeated the Washington Redskins in their final home game before the election, and George W. Bush is going to defeat the man who butchered Curly's last name. Call it the Curse of Curly, but Kerry is not going to ever win another election.

Blogs for Bush covers the whole Redskins deal, but I think they miss the influence of Curly's Curse.


.Tom Kapanka said...

I hope you're right and I think you are. Here’s what I suppose the DNC was thinking as the primaries extruded a candidate: If the war effort is successful, Bush’s re-election is as sure as FDR’s during WWII. We need a candidate who can make us feel like this is “Viet Nam all over again.” We need John Kerry. After all, the senator began his political career as a smooth-tongued spokesman for hundreds of hoarse-throated activists. If he could give credibility to mobs of protestors, flag burners, and medal throwers, just think of what he can do for us!

And so the choice was made. No one questions Kerry’s credentials as a war protestor. Nor did anyone question his right to throw his medals away on Capital Hill in 1971. But what many observers do question is the resurrection of those discarded medals 33 years later. What hundreds of Viet Nam vets did question when they learned that Kerry shot countless reels of 8mm home movies during his four months in Nam was “Why didn’t he use his movie camera to document the atrocities that he said ‘occurred on a day-to-day basis’? Where was this heroic footage when he came home to say we were all war criminals? How dare he salute us in his speech and wear with pride the honor he stole from us back then?”

There are many issues in this election, but they all depend on our national security and ultimate victory in the war on terror. Senator Kerry, this is not Viet Nam. As for me, I’m joining the 75% of our men and women in uniform who USA Today reports will cast their votes to keep President Bush as our Commander in Chief.

Lowell Brown said...

Yes, I think you are right. Nothing is going the way it's "supposed to go," and that started at least as long ago as 2002, when a sitting president cleaned up in off-year elections. I ramble on and on about this on my own blog, to which you are invited!

Good luck to all of us tomorrow.