Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Welcome to Whitewater

Note: This post was written at UWW, but had to be saved after Blogger problems.

As the sun set and the temperature plummetted, UW Whitewater played host to the most excitement the campus has seen since students rioted after a 1996 Packer Monday Night Football game. Tonight, there were no riots. Just a small, loud group of old hippies and a larger, respectful group of people who showed up for the candlelight vigil to 9-11 vicitims.

This will be a brief dispatch, as my wireless card is rapidly eating away at the battery. The pre-speech festivities have been about what I expected. The anti-Churchill crowd was large and very respectful. The pro-Churchill grouping was smaller, much older, and just as concerned about war for oil as they were about Churchill's free speech rights.

The one thing that I did not see, and which I expected to, was the College Democrats. Unless of course the College Democrats were the few younger folks who were intermingled with the older protestors. They had promoted a Free Speech Rally, and I'm not sure I saw it.

I will be posting tonight on pre-speech events. Unfortunately, it was impossible to live blog or even watch the speech. Being part of the MSM still has its perks, namely press passes.

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