Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bush on blogs, internet

I doubt that this comment by President Bush is going to endear him to the media, but I enjoyed it:
I just got to keep talking. And one of the -- there's word of mouth, there's blogs, there's Internet, there's all kinds of ways to communicate which is literally changing the way people are getting their information. And so if you're concerned, I would suggest that you reach out to some of the groups that are supporting the troops, that have got Internet sites, and just keep the word -- keep the word moving. And that's one way to deal with an issue without suppressing a free press.
There is a lot to the abrasiveness between new media and old media. Expect to see the chips swell on the shoulders of some press corps members.

Republicans are slowly and tentatively engaging the political blogs on the right. As an observer and a blogger, I look forward to watching the ups and downs of the courtship.

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